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This website has educational songs (we’ve listened to some in class). Parents can create a “free trial” account and access videos, quizzes, activities, and reading material! When you select the video you’d like to watch, click on the blue “Download Handout” button at the top – this is where you will find the quizzes, activities, and reading material.

Here is a list of the topics (songs) we have covered so far:


Physical Science: Light, Sound, Current Electricity, Heat Transfer

Earth & Space Science: Types of Rocks, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Natural Resources, Weathering & Erosion

Social Studies:

U.S. History: Discovering America, Early American Settlements, Colonial America, American Revolution, The Declaration

Geography: Contients, Oceans, Landforms & Bodies of Water, Map Skills, Regions of the US, 50 States & Capitals, Longitude & Latitude

Liberty's Kids on YouTube

This is an entire playlist of all Liberty’s Kids Episodes! 

Science CK-12 Online Textbook

This is an online textbook that you can access for free without a login. By clicking the link, it will open the Table of Contents. When you open the lesson that you’d like to complete, there is text to read, images to look at, videos to watch, and lesson review questions to answer.

Here are a list of the lessons we have covered so far:

Chapter 1: Physical Science

- 1.1 Types of Energy

- 1.2 Characteristics of Sound

- 1.4 Transfer of Thermal Energy

- 1.5 Energy Resources

- 1.6 Moving Air and Water as Energy Sources

- 1.10 Electric Current

Chapter 2: Earth Science

- 2.1 Introduction to Earth’s Surface

- 2.2 Theory of Plate Tectonics

- 2.4 Fossils

- 2.5 Weathering

- 2.7 Erosion and Deposition by Wind

- 2.10 Erosion and Deposition by Flowing Water​​

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