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Daily Schedule

LIVE   8:00-8:15 Check in

LIVE   8:15-8:45 Math instruction

IND.   8:45-9:15  Independent math lesson ZEARN

          9:15-9:30  Recess   

LIVE  9:30-10:15  Morning message/ Read Aloud

IND   10:15-11:00  Enrichment

         11:00-11:20 Lunch

LIVE  11:20-12:05 Writing

         12:05- 12:20 Recess

IND    12:25-1:00  Independent Reading 

IND    1:00-1:15   Brain Break/Snack

LIVE/Video  1:15-1:45 Spelling/ Handwriting     (MON, THURS, FRI -LIVE) ** (TUE &THURS VIDEO)

IND    1:45-2:45

LIVE ** IF NEEDED 2:45-3:00 *** If you have questions log on at this time. This is not live teacher instructional time.


Lucy Branton

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