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K. Hargrave

Back to SchoolDear Parents,

Welcome to 2nd grade.  I will be your child’s teacher. I’m looking forward to another amazing school year. Listed below you will find general information.

Supplies:  You should have already received a school supply list from the front office. The most important items your child will need to begin the year are:  2” binder, dividers, pencils, and crayons. The other items can be sent as you are able to purchase them.

Homework:  Homework will be assigned daily. It will be checked to make sure it has been done completely with reasonable answers, not be for having correct answers. Three points will be taken away each time homework is not completed. Points will also be taken away if homework is not visibly in the classroom. A final grade will be given at the end of each 9-weeks.

Grades:  Grades will come from tests, quizzes, projects and homework. Test dates will change weekly. You will see them on the weekly homework log. Graded papers and conduct sheets will be sent home each Wednesday to be signed and returned the next day. Additional conduct marks will be given if those papers are not returned the following day. Grades will be placed online weekly and can be accessed through WebPams at

School Fees:  School fees will be $20.00. This does not have to be paid all at one time. It can be broken up into small payments. Students will not be allowed to attend field trips nor participate in school activities until school fees have been paid.

Discipline:  Our instructional time is extremely valuable. Therefore, classroom disruptions will not be allowed at any time. After receiving three (3) conduct marks along with loss of other privileges, you will be given a call to discuss your child’s classroom behavior. If the behavior continues, students will be sent directly to the principal with a referral. This will protect our instructional time as well as other students’ right to quality education.

Parent/Teacher Contact: There are several ways you may contact me. You can leave a message at the front office at (318) 361–0155. You can email me at You may also call or text me at (318) 789-4214. I will respond as soon as I’m available.

Digital (Computer) Instruction: Students will also be exposed to instruction, assignments and activities online. They will be using Google Classroom to access different programs such as Zearn, iReady and several others. This will be very critical should we have to close the school building.

2nd grade will be quite demanding and require a great amount of work. There will be bumps in the road but, together we will make it through successfully. I’m excited to be working with you and look for to the great things to come.


Ms. K. Hargrave

2nd Grade Teacher 

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Kisha Hargrave

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